Paragon Photos

Just a few of the many images of Paragon Park in our collection… putting them all up here might crash the site!

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6 thoughts on “Paragon Photos

  1. thomas murray

    I am71 years old and i summered in hull village and my family would take us there a few times in the summer a great place there was a fun house that for a quarter you could spend hours so many emories

  2. Bryan Schirmer

    As a ride operator for the Kooky Kastle and Turnpike (summers 1968-1970), it was a fun place to work.
    Bryan Schirmer

  3. Danny Sordello.

    After seeing the fire of 1963 at Paragon Park on tv one night The fire of 1963 ended a lot of what I grew up summers with in 1963(1.)the double helix was never rebuilt,. from then on the giant coaster just made the return to the loading platform. 2.)the red and yellow cars for the flying scooters ride burned and the replacement cars(blue &white) were built by mistake going counter-clockwise instead of clockwise (as the original cars were built.) 3.) the chateau ballroom burned to the ground and was rebuilt partially as ‘captain jack’s). As a 16 year old kid I was seeing how life at Paragon Park can change quickly ,under the right (or wrong) circumstances—–Danny Sordello.


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