The Blue Bunny… who remembers?

The Blue Bunny nightclub blue bunnyopened in the hastily rebuilt Palm Garden Grill/Captain Jack’s/Chateau space after the devastating 1963 fire.

We know Fats Domino, The Shirelles and Judy Garland performed there (Judy was just visiting, but put on a show anyway!).

Who do you remember seeing on stage at Paragon?

3 thoughts on “The Blue Bunny… who remembers?

    1. Bob Rodman

      We saw the Three stooges there in the mid sixties the day after a bad storm . There was sand , rocks and seaweed all over the Street and in the park. If You or anyone has information on this or other stooges shows Please let Me know. Thanks , Bob

  1. Hank

    My girlfriend and I saw Fats Domino at the Blue Bunny. I have been searching to see if anyone has a Blue Bunny newspaper ad featuring “Fats.” If I can remember correctly, wasn’t the Bunny just about under the Wild Mouse?”


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