The grand entrance…

old entrance copy

This classic view of Paragon’s original entrance reveals a few bits of trivia, including an electric trolley running down the middle of Nantasket Avenue (the Hull Street Railway, separate from the electric railroad on the bay side). The buildings on either side of the entrance are pre-Paragon amusements that were incorporated into the park. At left is the Steeplechase, an indoor funhouse franchised from Coney Island’s original, and at right are the Great Coal Mine and the Old Mill. These earlier attractions were built in 1903, two years before Paragon.

1 thought on “The grand entrance…

  1. Kathy Walsh

    Was the Steeplechase and/or the other indoor playground made of waxed wood? Did it have a huge slide that you would end up in a huge wooden bowl? Or what I described someplace in the park? When I was little in the 50s, I remember that and the tunnel of love. As A teen, I did the roller coaster and other such rides. A few years before it closed, I brought my daughter and her friend,
    Last week I brought my grandchildren to ride the flying horses.


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