Judy, Judy, Judy… visits Paragon

Hollywood superstar Judy Garland visited Paragon Park in 1967 and rode many of the rides (including the Whip and the Giant Coaster) with her 12-year-old son, Joey Luft. She also surprised park employees with an impromptu performance on stage at the Blue Bunny nightclub that evening. Garland was in town to perform in a concert on Boston Common. She also took a ride — some say many rides — on the Giant Coaster. Hull-Nantasket Times publisher Herb Gordon documented the trip with photos that were published in his paper and in The Boston Globe. He also quoted her as saying “That’s the best fun I’ve had since I was a kid,” to which her son added, “Me, too!”

Paragon’s Administration Building – an original from 1905

The Paragon Park Administration Building was the only structure from 1905 still standing when the park closed in 1984. It was located in the rear corner of Paragon and housed the park management offices. Unfortunately, we ran out of time to get the building moved off the site. The newspaper clipping is from July 16, 1985, days after the bulldozer reduced the structure to a pile of rubble.

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The Giant fading from the skyline…


The Summer of 1985 seemed like the longest ever, as day by day more and more of Paragon disappeared. This is one of the smaller “camel humps” of the Giant Coaster being disassembled so that it could be reborn as The Wild One in Maryland. In its 96 years, 1985 was the only season of operation the roller coaster has missed.

The grand entrance…

old entrance copy

This classic view of Paragon’s original entrance reveals a few bits of trivia, including an electric trolley running down the middle of Nantasket Avenue (the Hull Street Railway, separate from the electric railroad on the bay side). The buildings on either side of the entrance are pre-Paragon amusements that were incorporated into the park. At left is the Steeplechase, an indoor funhouse franchised from Coney Island’s original, and at right are the Great Coal Mine and the Old Mill. These earlier attractions were built in 1903, two years before Paragon.

Remember this view?

coaster-gw blvd skyline
Rounding the corner on George Washington Boulevard, Paragon’s Giant Coaster stretched out along the skyline to welcome Hull folks home and to give summertime visitors a peek at the fun awaiting them. Not sure whose image this is… would love to use it (or one like it) in the book.

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Paragon Photos

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